Visitor Check In is a Free App!

Using the Apple iPad, Visitor Check In gives you a simple log of your visitors and the reason they came in. The app creates a log from the entries as people sign in. You can review the log directly on the iPad or email it for further use. The log is a comma separated value log so it can easily be imported into any spreadsheet program. For a more professional look, you may want to secure the iPad into a counter top or wall mounted stand.


Setup can be done directly on the iPad. Click Settings and scroll down to the app. You will see the choice buttons where you can setup the choices for your visitors. The greeting is the top line of the first page and defaults to "Please Sign In". The byline is just under the greeting and is often used for sub titles.

Review/Send/Clear the Log

To review the log, type "SHOWLOG" on the first screen and hit enter. The log will show date and time, name and reason for visit for each person.

You can clear the log with one touch on the menu

To email the log, hold your finger on the text until the menu pops up. Choose Share and then choose your email program.


If you would like to see more features in Visitor Check In, please send us an email at

Our More Comprehensive Products

These products incorporate a live interactive view of the sign in sheet. Staff can monitor, acknowledge and checkout customers as they arrive. Your data is stored to give you long term statistics and management reports.

Medical Check In

A simple Patient Kiosk designed to meet the privacy and performance needs of Physicians, Clinics, Labs and Hospitals. Name, DOB, Up to 12 Departments and 12 Reasons per Department. Multi-Stage Processing

Student Check In

Designed for College Registration, Counseling offices and Front Desk operations. Sort the students by needs and notify the right staff member. Name, Student ID, 16 departments & 16 reasons per dept.

Customer Check In

Simple and Fast! Get the name and reason for visit. Great for Retail and Banking service businesses. 16 Programmable Choices

DSS Check In

Social Services can save space by having a common lobby and sign in system. With 12 departments and 12 reasons per department, your customers will be automatically sorted and your staff will notified. Meets the need of IRS Audits by collecting tyoe of ID.

VA Check In

Serve those who served us! Get the name, the department and the reason for visit so they can be served faster. Each dept is notified at the desktops so they can share the responsibility of answering quickly to the needs of our Veterans.

Probation Check In

Reducing the reception workload and overall cost of operation at Community Corrections Offices. Get person's name and officer needed. Notify them as their desktop that someone is waiting. Document the visit and who saw them. Keep running log of all the visits.